Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have been down all weekend. Like I’m missing a tooth. Or hair. Yeah, that’s it. Body hair. I’m feeling a dreadful chill and can’t figure out why I’m so miserable. Part of what made last year so special has come to an end. Voice directing on Lucky Fred. The first 52 eps has come to an end.

It’s been some of the greatest fun I’ve ever had, and the dynamic and energy of all involved has been inspiring. What a cast!!!! Rupert, Paul, Lizzy, Beth and last but not least Jules, playing the sweetest girl in toons since Snow White. Everyone raised their game. Everyone gave that little bit extra. Everyone got a real buzz from working those scripts. What energy and what a joy. I'd like to thank everyone in the cast of course, and Tamborine absolutely (who made it all seem effortless) and Disney and Imira and Evan Gore for trusting me and the gang with their baby.

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