Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jules, Rupert, Liz, Rupert and Paul did a scene where Liz's character dresses up as Steve Steele (sort of an Iron Man hero guy) and Paul is the robot that has transformed into the suit of armour (it's a weird show) to fool Fred's friend, and well... it'll all make sense when it's animated. But it makes no sense when you listen (I've been reviewing audio edits today) and as little as it makes sense, it cracked me up. This is good. There's a saying that if you listen to a cartoon and it makes no sense without picture, then it's on it's way to being a great cartoon. A radio play that works without the pictures, means the toon isn't working hard enough. Show don't tell as they say in the biz. Anyhow, I tried to upload the audio clip but blogger won't let me. Shame. Here's a picture of the video screen from our last day of records. Bring on season II.

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