Thursday, May 24, 2012

Speaking of design. The Shard is perhaps the best building to go up in London for ages. I have never been a fan of the Gherkin, despite it's comic tone. Like all jokes, after you've heard it (or in this case, seen it) a few times, it gets boring.

Whereas, The Shard makes me feel like I'm living in Metropolis, or Gotham City, or even better yet, Mordor!  It's truly a statement. It pierces the sky. It feels dangerous. And I get a thrill out of seeing it everytime I pass it on the train at London Bridge. Inspiring.


Open Fridge said...

I'm just working on an cover for a jazz album. Found your excellent picture. And yes it has a foreboding quality and yet an uplifting edge too. The album might be called Road Ahead, which just about sums it up for me. Thank you for the inspiration. Alban

Open Fridge said...

Just working on a Jazz album called 'Road Ahead' and found your excellent photo. Yes, its foreboding and uplifting. Thanks for the inspiration.