Friday, June 22, 2012

Bounty Hamster lives on in strange ways...

You make a show. You put it out there. Then stuff happens, or rather it doesn't. Networks have ways of shutting down (see under CiTV) only to come back years later, regimes change, distributors go out of business, and toons get forgotten and lost in the shuffle.  And when I say lost, I mean forgotten.  I'm picturing a wharehouse that looks roughly like that last scene from Raiders Of The Lost Arc, where episodes of Bounty Hamster are nailed shut in a plain wooden crate amongst a million other plain wooden crates.  Seriously shelved. 

And yet, somehow people have a way of putting up their obsessions onto the internet and sharing them with other obsessives.  And those people, those hardcore people like the thing so much that they spend time drawing images that well... that reflect their own fantasies about the characters on the show.  I love this and happily endorse it. Even if it was a kids show. Lets face it, if you're going to fall in love with a cartoon character, it's your god given right to ponder what she or indeed he looks like with less clothes on.

Alan Gilbey found these when searching for images for a powerpoint presentation. You see, we developed the show with Graham Ralph and even we don't have images handy. The show is that lost. Still, it's nice to see it lives on ...and uh, erm, hit puberty.



MarionTheRagingRodent said...

Bounty Hamster is amazing!! It will always live on no matter how strange!! I Hope one day Cassie will find her father!! This show would have been big if it hadn't been cancelled!! Damn those who did!!

Anonymous said...

Is that HellaHellaStyle??