Thursday, July 5, 2012

A glovely endorsement.

Hmm. Licensed Minnie Mouse nail polish, brought to you by a character famous for wearing gloves. Hmm indeed.

 Ok. It works. Sort of. I love how the pose shows Minnie admiring her nails, somehow with her X-ray vision through the gloves.  It does make you look twice, which I suppose is half the battle when trying to grab the attention of the passing public.  

My daughter didn’t notice that Minnie had gloves on until I pointed it out to her. “Oh yeah.” And then she laughed hard and said with classic tween attitude, “Classic fail.”  

It’s just a very curious endorsement. Did Disney quietly giggle as they took the license fee, not pointing out the obvious, or were there lengthy conference calls? Having been a Disney exec for a few years, I’m guessing the latter.

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