Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Norman Rockwell Museum

I went to the Norman Rockwell museum whilst in the idyllic Berkshires. This is me on my way to visit his studio, and I'm hiding my hands out of frustration. Because well... there's painting and then there's outrageously detailed PAINTING. Sure, he worked from reference, and yes he had models sit for him. So what? So did the masters. And his work was outrageously sentimental... but you have to also say to yourself 'So what?' There should be room in the world for sweet emotions alongside the angst of most of the art world. Besides, the guy had mad skills, as the kids say today.  To see his paintings in print at a smaller scale is sweet. But to see them on canvas (they are BIG) is an experience. Not just technique but the storytelling. He seemed to paint nostolgic moments about the time he was living in. As if the 'good old days' are actually the days your living right now. That's a wonderful attitude to have and to express in your work. Inspiring. 

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