Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life is short. Theme tunes are shorter.

I've taken to writing songs lately along with the supremely talented Eric Renwart (we're talking Prince, Clapton, John Mayer talented!) Mostly theme tunes. But you know what? We LOVE writing theme tunes. It's a cool challenge to reflect the tone of the show and if possible sum up the essence of the show. Boil it all down to 30 seconds or 60 seconds. We're both loving it and finding the time to make it happen. Our process is fairly simple. I write lyrics, sing into an iphone, email it to him... and it comes back sounding like magic!
We met on Groove High, had so much fun working together that we figured we just needed a way to keep this going. Got a show that needs a theme tune? Bring it on. We'll demo for free, and if we win the pitch... then you can pay us.



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