Sunday, June 14, 2009

There's a point when the painting feels right. You stand back and think, "Ok... that's it. I could walk away now." But a small demented voice inside you says "Ah, go on, just one more bit... right there." And you listen to the voice and it all goes wrong and you've lost whatever you had. And then you spend ages trying to get it right again, and then it takes a different route entirely and you're flying but quite frankly, you're just panicked trying to get the canvas back on track and the metaphors get mixed and stretched and eventually ... eventually you feel like you're close enough to something, that's sort of ok, and you stand back and think... 'that'll do'.

But really you wish you could go back in time to that moment when you should have put the brush down and walked away.

This is one of those paintings.

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Theresa Collins said...

I think this is true about life, really. I have these moments a lot, and I don't do any art...those moments when you can walk away, and everything will be right, but you stay and muck around and then have to work back to where you were, and in the process, you develop a different acceptance. Well, you wrote it. I had EXACTLY this situation with a counseling incident at school this spring. Not that I know anything else of your work, but I really love this series. It makes me smile.