Saturday, November 13, 2010

My son is learning about Bodicca. Please note the cool spikes on the wheels. She's one tough lady. She liked green and so does my son. She had orange hair. My son does not. Rock on Bodicca!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Am currently working back and forth to Lille and the good people of Planet Nemo found me a lovely warm flat with a cat who likes to visit me and watch me cook. The handsome and rather intense Pimboli. He gives good guilt, scratches at the window pane and stares. Oh how he stares. I dare not make fish. He'd probably smash through the glass.

Nothing quite like a long weekend. A visit to the museum in Lille. The Beaux Arts is really a curator's dream. Vast spaces and a varied collection to mix and match. Clearly they have fun hanging pictures in ways that make each room like a game of 'spot the similarities'. Some of the connections between various pieces in a room are a bit oblique. (I think one room was just linked by various artists rendering of cloth.) Other times, like this copy of a Jordeans painting by Vangogh, its a bit more obvious.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween. We went as NHS budget cuts.

Who cares that we painted the door? Well... I do. Somehow, that little change has transformed the look of the place. If eyes are the window to the soul, then surely doors are the eyes to the windows door to the back gate's ears... wait, hang on, I had a metaphor there somewhere.

Ah pickups. It's a perverse thrill but I enjoy doing pickups and I think the actors do as well. Nothing like a second bite at the cherry... plus, as the animatics grow, so too does context. God is in the details, and that means that things get cut, tweaked, added ... and fine tuned with pickups. Last week we managed to sneak some time with Jonathan Bailey, our 'Tom' for Groove High. He's off to South Africa to film 'Young Leonardo' for the BBC. I'm guessing it'll be like Merlin, but with crazy inventions and hurling Machiaveli off a cliff in a hanglider. He worked all day with fantastic over the top energy. A work out and a half in that booth.