Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can a cover have a DVD Extras section?

By Odin's beard shavings, we made the cover of Kidscreen!!!!


OH MY NORSE GOD!!!! We made the cover of Kidscreen!!!!!

Not only did we make the cover, but of all the artwork we sent them, they opted for a bit of cross dressing nuttiness. Bring it on!!! It's that kind of show.

Brenda Wooding and Heather Kenyon are at the helm of a wonderful madcap show about some Vikings, a few herring short of a rollmop, who went the wrong way and are now trying to invade China.

The theme tune sums it all up nicely, and Brenda will fill you in on the rest at Kidscreen summit in New York. Giles New and Keiron Self developed the show with me and have penned some very funny scripts. The design is by the awesome Ministry Of Animation. It's not your conventional show, but then again these are unconventional times. And the only thing that gets a kids attention these days is something that is surprising.