Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Damned gets another nod.

Richard Phelan's gorgeous film 'Damned' just got Honourable Mention in the Curtinhas Competition at the Vila do Conde International Film Festival. This means two things, it means yet another notch on the bedpost of a very fine film, and I now know where Vila do Conde is.

I have a credit on that film somewhere. Can't wait to get to a fest myself to watch it up on the big screen.

Damned Trailer from Richard Phelan on Vimeo.

More things from the cutting room floor.

Is that a foot?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cutting Room Floor

Sometimes you just know you should cut a frame before sending it in to Disney. Nothing rude here, but then again, it's just not right either. Great drawing but too flirty I think.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Me at work.

Comedy can be such a serious business, or so it would seem from this pic of me, Giles, Brandan, and Javier. What the heck are we all talking about there? Either I'm directing something very specific on Escape Hockey... or we're ordering lunch.

I love directing voice and I always throw in the odd voice to every show I've ever made, but for this one I was actually cast to play two lead parts of two insane monsters. One is an idiot (typecasting) and the other is stupider than the idiot (should I take a hint here) and forever eating whatever is in his path, including people, air fresheners, younameit. Good fun. Lunch was good too.

Pacing myself.

I'm in a crazy crunch at the moment on a rewrite. Wonderful project, but I've got to nail no less than 10 pages a day. No pressure then. But I need to pace myself or Act III will be rushed. So that means the dog gets a few extra walks beyond the daily minimum. He gets me away from the machine from time to time. So I can empty my head and daydream for a moment, but not for too long. Some writers invade the fridge, others own dogs. Well, this is why I own a dog, and this is the woods we walk through on our break.

Picture taken yesterday morning.