Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life is short. Theme tunes are shorter.

I've taken to writing songs lately along with the supremely talented Eric Renwart (we're talking Prince, Clapton, John Mayer talented!) Mostly theme tunes. But you know what? We LOVE writing theme tunes. It's a cool challenge to reflect the tone of the show and if possible sum up the essence of the show. Boil it all down to 30 seconds or 60 seconds. We're both loving it and finding the time to make it happen. Our process is fairly simple. I write lyrics, sing into an iphone, email it to him... and it comes back sounding like magic!
We met on Groove High, had so much fun working together that we figured we just needed a way to keep this going. Got a show that needs a theme tune? Bring it on. We'll demo for free, and if we win the pitch... then you can pay us.



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Samantha Barks, our Zoe from GH about to go from Groove High to Great Heights.

Even mad inventors want to make their mommas proud.

My boy has taken to plundering my old comic collection ... which is cool and mildly embarrassing as I find myself revisiting comics I read ages back and thought were so cool back then. Some were, but you know, Dazzler wasn't. Anyhow, this one cracked me up. Great art. Intense cover, you know the world is going to end (as usual) and you're braced for the normal stuff... but then you read those two lines.

I'll bet the writer took the rest of the day off after writing that.

Or maybe he simply rang up his mother.

Click on the image, and check out the two bottom bubbles.



Friday, September 7, 2012

Logo for Sevenoaks Boot Camp

Everyone has to have a hobby right? Mine is designing logos for friends. I always think that if the business lasts longer than I do, then it's a bit of immortality. Everytime I go back to New York, I see a few businesses that STILL are using my logos. My heart and ego swell.

Tom's lucky hat

TV writing versus Film writing.

So, you live in an apartment. You fill it full of stuff. You think to yourself, when I have a house with a garage I'll have loads of room. But of course, after you get the house you fill it full of stuff. And the garage, which you were certain could never be filled up, is somehow full. You find you even have to 'make room' to get the car in the garage. And there in a nutshell is the difference between writing for TV and writing for Features. In TV you know you have to be economical, effecient, make your point and move on. With a feature you think 'I have so much room to do so much more.' But you don't. Those pages fill up quickly and if you're not careful, you won't be able to fit in the car. 100 pages fill up FAST! And just like cleaning out the garage, no matter how much you love that old lamp/gag/golf clubs/plot point I'm afraid it's gonna have to go. Can you tell I've spent a day cutting and killing and culling?